Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Christians and Judaism

Ok, so I am Jewish by birth. Meaning my mom is Jewish, so I'm Jewish. My mom didn't follow any religion (except possibly drunkism or speedianity), so I had no belief of one kind or another. When I moved to Alabama, obviously the Southern Baptists prevailed. At 15, I was saved, went to church, Bible study, the whole nine yards. While I don't want to say this was a phase because I certainly enjoyed the feelings that being one with God, I had many many questions that went unanswered, and eventually 'backslid' as other Christians would say. As the years have went by, I've realized that I don't believe in Jesus Christ as savior and the Son of God. I know, burning in hell, heard it before, I am at peace with my decision. Hopefully for Christians reading this, you might refrain from decrying "SINNER!" at the top of your lungs (and keyboards) long enough to finish reading this. OK, sorry, not trying to be mean there, just had a bad experience with a born-again that exemplifies all of the bad stereotypes. Upon telling him my religious views (in a very polite way) and discussing my pro homosexual marriage views (Proposition 8 here in California, very big deal to many), he proceeded to condemn me, with (pun intended) no chance in hell of going to heaven. Upon asking him about the old adage of "Love the sinner, not the sin", he told me that isn't in the Bible! While I know that the exact words are indeed not in there, I have read and studied the Bible. I seem to recall the "Judge not, lest..." section. Guys like this give Christians a bad rap.
Anyway, now that I'm off that little soapbox, I come back to my original thought. Why is it that Christians seem to love Jews so much? Everytime a group of Christians come to my door to invite me to a concert or to church, I explain to them that I am a Reformed Jew, and politely decline their invitation. As soon as I say 'Jew', they are like, pardon me, little puppy dogs. "Ooh, you're Jewish, we would love you to come, etc, etc." Again, I love Christians (used to be one), and am all for anything that makes people be good to each other, be it Christianity, Judaism, more moderate forms of Islamic, or even computer worship. So I again decline, but the event repeats itself every time I tell Christians I'm Jewish. So why is this? Is it because Jesus was Jewish, or because we are the 'chosen people'? I honestly don't know, but it's kinda funny.
Well, hoping I get good answers back, preferably didn't offend anyone too badly. If I did offend, I deeply apologize.